Sunday, April 27, 2014

RARE(ly) Normal

RARE(ly) Normal is an up and coming fashion design company. Founded and created by sister's, Kiara, 24, and Samaria 'Femi_Lee_' McGhee, 22 years old. My cousins! Growing up, I always knew that there was something special about these two young lady's. In Jr. High School, I remember they cut the out-side of their uniform pants and added jeans to them to create wide-legged uniform pants. Those pants were so cool that people in our school wanted a pair. These two had so much talent at a young age. 

This creative duo has an eye and passion for fashion. I love their style! They have their own unique style but they compliment one another very well. Their personal style together is very edgy, cool, daring, and chic. They can do no wrong in my eyes. They're very expressive and have fun with fashion. Risk-takers! These trendsetters make fashion their own.   
RARE(ly) Normal Founders: Kiara McGhee (Left) and Samaria 'Femi_lee_' McGhee (Right)
(Photo Courtesy of  Samaria's Instagram/ Follow: @femi_lee_)
Their hat and shoe collection (shown below) is fun, cool, trendy and different. This line showcase's their talent and creativity. Flowers are the focal point in this collection, they have a symbolic meaning. I love the idea and vision behind it! I had the chance to interview Kiara McGhee, Co-Founder of RARE(ly) Normal, about the line, being sisters working together, fashion and designing.  

What inspired your hat and shoe collection? 
Kiara: We were inspired by Tupac's poem title "The Rose That Grew From Concrete," which is the reason we use flowers. The rose that grew from concrete is a powerful metaphor meaning anything is possible and that is what we try to represent.

How long have you both been designing?
Kiara: We have been designing since our early teens.

Do you remember the first thing you designed? 
Kiara: I can't remember the first thing I designed, but the most memorable was the dress for my sisters sweet sixteen.   

When did both of you decide that designing was your dream/passion?
Kiara: Back in high school we figured out that's what we would study.

How is it, being sisters and working to together?
Kiara: It's the greatest gift in the world.

What made you two want to work together? 
Kiara: We are one in the same.

Where does the inspiration of your style come from? 
Kiara: Our style is inspired by our mood for that day.

Do you have any advice for people who want to become designers?
Kiara: Follow your dreams no matter what.

*For hat and shoe orders, you can reach them through email at:

RARE(ly) Normal:
 Hat Collection
 (Photographer: NicciCatrice/ Model: Co-Founder Samaria 'Femi_lee_' McGhee)

RARE(ly) Normal:
 Shoe Collection 
(Photo courtesy of Co-Founder Kiara McGhee)

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