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The ART of Wine Event!

Dusan Grante and Me
Me and Rachel Grante
Yesterday, Sunday, June 29, 2014, I attended a wine tasting and paring event at the ARThur Christine hair salon. Upon entering this fabulous salon, I was greeted with sparkling wine and warm welcomes. The owners, Dusan Grante and Rachel Grante, were so lovely they welcomed me with such warmth and kindness. 

In fact, all of the attendees, most of whom were regulars to the salon, were so kind and welcoming as well. From some of the attendees/clients that I've spoken with at the event had nothing but amazing things to say about the salon and the owners. When I complimented some of the clients on their hair color, they would point out that Rachel Grante did it and rave about how awesome her hair coloring skills are. From what I've seen, I must say her skills are quite amazing. What intrigued me the most in my conversations with their clients was when I learned that Dusan and Rachel are all about hair care. I love that!

Hair care to me is the most important thing. I am natural with soft and fragile hair and it needs to be properly cared for to keep from having breakage and or damaged hair.  Therefore, it's always good to know that there are salons out there who put hair care as a top priority.   

When speaking with Dusan Grante, salon owner, I learned so much about ARThur Christine and what they do, they work on all different hair textures, have a makeup line, and they do hair demonstrations, just to list a few. I also learned that the name of the salon is actually Dusan and Rachel Grante's middle names put together. I thought that was so cool and very creative. This salon is just amazing! To learn more about the salon and their services click here

ARThur Christine was the perfect location to have this event. It had such a great vibe which, for me, caused for a wonderful event. The wine and paring selections were amazing, so many great choices.

The Menu(Wines and Pairings)
Petit Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling
Cheesecake Cups
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Table White Wine
Asian Marinated Chicken
Crispy Noodles

Revel Vin Rouge 
Baked Brie with Fig and Almond Glaze 
Crackers and Grapes

Table Red Wine
Turkey Meatballs 
Mozzarella and Basil

Revel Cabernet Sauvignon
Braised Beef with Herbed  Ricotta
Cheese Spread

While I tasted the wines and their parings, I would have to say that my favorite wine was the Revel Vin Rouge and my favorite paring was the Asian Marinated Chicken. Both were exquisite although they weren't paired together. All of the wine provided were from WineShop at Home which is headquartered in Napa Valley, California. Julie Shepard (photographed below), Executive Recruiter and Wine Consultant for WineShop At Home, gave us great information about the wines provided. The parings were catered by Colette Wilson and Monica Yates (photographed below) of Colette's Catering, which is located in Fairfax Station, VA. 

A good time just exuded from this event. There was a nice live band and a very entertaining Sangria Battle, where the attendees were able to vote for a winner. I loved how during the event if you purchased wine, a percentage of the proceeds were going to a charitable organization. 

This was a very joyous and fun event. I met wonderful people and heard such great things about ARThur Christine and the owners. Dusan Grante and Rachel Grante are a very lovely couple. From what I've seen, they compliment one another very well. It was so lovely meeting them both yesterday. 

Thank you for a wonderful event! 


ARThur Christine
Dusan Grante: Owner and Creative Director
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Rachel Grante: Owner and Colour Director
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ARThur Christine Website:  click here
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WineShop at Home
Julie Shepard: Executive Recruiter and Wine Consultant
email: click here
Facebook: click here
Website: click here
WineShop at Home Website: click here

Colette's Catering
Colette Wilson
Monica Yates
Colette's Catering Facebook: click here
Colette's Catering Email: click here
More Pictures below

The Caterers
Colette Wilson, Me, and Monica Yates

The Wine Consultant
Me and Julie Shepard

The Live Band

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