Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shrimp Salad Circus At Oktoberfest!

This year, today, was my first time attending Oktoberfest at the Kentlands. A pretty cool festival. I was there to support my friend, fellow blogger, and owner of Shrimp Salad Circus, Lindsay Ponta. She rented a vending booth and invited me to hang out. I was there to help and support her. While at her booth I noticed a lot of her art work. Lindsay does water paintings, makes earrings, calligraphy, photography, and etc. She is a very creative and talented artist (pictures of her work shown below). I even got a few pieces. I am so happy I went to Oktoberfest to see her work in person, she is really good. We had such a great time. I really enjoyed helping out. As well as meeting new people who came up to purchase items. If you have a chance please visit her site.
                                           Lindsay at her booth                                                                 Me and Lindsay

Oktoberfest at the Kentlands is an annual festival. Located in Kentlands Market Square in Gaithersburg, MD. Today, Sunday, October, 12, 2014 is this year's 23rd annual celebration. This years festival had music, beer, food, vendors, and etc. Such a fun time. I really enjoyed myself.

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