Sunday, October 5, 2014

StyleMakers and ChangeMakers Runway Fashion Event!

Fun, fun and more fun is what exuded through this outstanding fashion event. I had a wonderful time and met so many great people as well as seen and hung out with familiar faces, Tanvi, Saumya, and Marisa, who attended the blogger scene event I went too back in August.

Upon entering this event at Midtown Partyplex, a Lounge in DC, nice location might I add, I met PopNod's Founder and CEO, Stephanie David. Such a lovely person. We actually met on instagram, through a mutual friend, Marcia Sheehan, Designer/ Owner of Magnificuffs, who I also met for the first time, in person, at this event. 

Once settled inside of the lounge I mixed and mingled with a few of the attendees and host. Everyone was so nice and made me feel welcomed. I love going to events where there are people in attendance who are kind, warm, and welcoming.  It just makes you feel at ease. 

The Two Prizes I won!!!
The fashion show was amazing (pictures shown below). There were so many outfits that I just adored and would wear myself.  The stylist did an awesome job styling the models. I love how creative the stylist were when putting the pieces together. There was so much creativity and expression in the outfits. 

I love fashion! I see fashion as art, an expression. It is a way to make a statement and or to just have fun. This runway show had lots of fun, expressive, statement pieces, to me. I loved every bit of it, so exciting. 

When the fashion show was over everyone went back to mingling and then the raffle began. To me this was one of the best and shocking parts of the night because I won not one but two gifts. I really did not think that I would win anything. I guess that's what made it one of my highlights of the night. I won the Copperwood Tavern gift card in the raffle drawing and the South Moon Under gift card in the selfie drawing! AWESOME! Hearing my number called the first time was amazing, but, hearing my name called to claim my second prize was shocking and insane. One of my best nights ever!  
After the drawings everyone got on the dance floor and partied/sang. I left a little after, therefore, I did not go to the after party held at the Irish Whiskey Public House. But I did have an awesome time. 

This was one of the best and most eventful events I have ever attended. I give it two thumbs up, I had an awesome time. What made me love the event even more, it was benefiting a cause to help youth with photography and advocacy (more information below). It is always great to give back.  Great event! 

All of the host were amazing and really nice. I just want to say thank you to the host for throwing a tremendous event. I look forward to more in the future. It was also wonderful meeting you all.
Hosted By 
Stephanie (Left), Baille (Middle), Erin (Right)
(Managing and Consulting Firm)

Erin VanGorder  and Radell Ann Peischler, Co-Founder's

Radell (Right, Black Dress)

(An online shopping destination that enables members to save money at stores they know and love, and at the same time support the causes they care about)

Stephanie David, Founder and CEO

B. K. Gelwicks
(Specializes in fashion branding and marketing strategy, PR and fashion productions)

Baille Gelwicks, Founder/Owner

Runway Partners 

Event Partners

(Trains youth to use photography and advocacy to make real change in their schools and communities)
Jacquelyn Horstmann, Director of Development & Communications

Marcia Sheehan, Designer/Owner

Signature Cocktails Sponsored 
Michele Hudson and Archana, Founders

More Photos Below!
The Outfit!

Tanvi (Blogger Tanvii, Left)  Saumya (Blogger Myriad Musings ,Middle), and Me!

Megan (Left), Me, Marisa (Blogger Clover Riot, Right) 

Stephanie and Me!

The Cupid Shuffle! :)

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