Monday, November 3, 2014


The "Walk For Me" fashion show, a mixture of music and fashion, put on by The Jolie Agency and hosted by WPGC 95.5's own Guy Lambert and Bianca Chardei From Cycle 13 of America's Next Top Model, was a live and fun event. I had a great time and enjoyed watching the many different collections that were shown.

This event was in support of the American Diabetes Association, proceeds from this event went to the cause. It is always great to give back and to help others. I really love attending events that support important causes. 

Guy Lambert (Radio Personality and Host)
This was such a classy event. Upon entering we were sent to the reception area. In the reception room there were vendors selling items (clothing, jewelry, and ect.), a bartender on board to serve drinks, and wait staff there to serve delicious hors d'oeuvres as we waited to be allowed in to be seated for the show. 

What I loved most about the reception area was the floor, there was what appeared to be a floor map of Washington, DC. Really cool! It caught my eye and I just had to take a picture of it (shown below). This event was held at Carnegie Library in DC, Sunday, Novmeber 2, 2014. Such a great venue. This was my first time ever being inside Carnegie Library. Beautiful!
During the show there was a lot of entertainment from musical and dance performances to fashion. It was like being at a concert while watching a fun and chic fashion show. A great time. There was awesome fashion choices and performances. A few collections stood out to me the most (images shown below).

really enjoyed the show. This was such a lovely event. It had a great vibe and was a wonderful show. The Jolie Agency did an amazing job with this event. I look forward to attending more shows in the future.

Images Of The Fashion Show:  
Designer/ Stylist KAS Collection:
Bianca Chardei (Model and Host)
KAS (Right)
Designer Ean Williams Collection
(These are some of the pieces in the collection)

Ean Williams
Designer Brett Trove
(He Also Modeled His Tie Collection)
(Not all of the pieces are shown)

Svelte Couture By Sharon Brown Collection
(Not all of the pieces are shown)
Sharon Brown (Left) Tulani (Right: Vocalist and Harpist)
Designer Stella Bonds Collection
(Not all of the pieces shown)
Stella Bonds
Performer Christy Luv (My friend/ sis)
Kim (Left) of the American Diabetes Association
Ms. Waikeena Robinson (CEO), The Jolie Agency, a modeling agency
Performer KeyMace 

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