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Blogger Scene's Winter Cocktail Party

Me at the Blogger Scene Event, I won a bouquet of flowers!!

Last night I attended the Blogger Scene Winter Cocktail Party! Can you say fun!!! This is my second Blogger Scene Event and I must say I love attending these shindigs, lol.

It's an event for bloggers, but, anyone can attend. 

Maybe you want to start a blog and don't know how, or you are a business and want to make relationships with bloggers, or you want to be inspired, or maybe even to get out of the house, have fun and make new friends. 

This is a great social and learning event for that. 

At this event I love that I am able to get inspired and learn so much about blogging from the Panel of Bloggers. 

I am also able to meet and network with other amazing bloggers and people in attendance, as well as learn from them.

We all share ideas and help one another out. It's so great to see a community of bloggers in one room and able to help each other get to the next level.   

I always feel comfortable and welcomed at this event. Everyone is so friendly, cool, laid back, nice and supportive. 

This is the second time I've attended this event solo. Although a few of the friends I made at the Blogger Scene Summer Send-Off event was there. I'm getting to the point where I enjoy going to events alone. The reason being, I am forced to get out of my comfort zone and make friends. I network more and I push myself to meet people just to get out of that awkwardness of being there alone and feeling lonely. This helps me with my self-confidence. 

I am already a confident and out-going person, but, in the past I wouldn't go to some events if I didn't have someone attending with me. The reason being, One for safety reasons and Two because I didn't want to feel awkward and go alone. That hindered me more than helped me. Not so much now. If I see an event that I feel would be fun and/or beneficial, I am going no matter if I am by myself or not. 

Yes, safety comes first, so I would at least make one friend or a group of friends, I am comfortable around, to leave the event with and that way we all can make sure that each of us gets to our destination safely. Also, my friends and family always know where I am the moment I leave the house. SAFETY FIRST!!!


This time the event was held at The Gryphon in Washington, DC. So excited because I was able to find great FREE parking this time around. This was also a great location. I love the layout of this place. And the vibe as well as the decor is amazing.  

When I arrived at this event I seen and greeted one of my friend Saumya, we met at the last event, and I introduced myself to one of the attendees she was speaking with, Kesha Abigail who is a Style Blogger. I saw my friend Tanvi, Saumya's business partner, but she was in such a deep conversation that I decided I'd talk with her later at the event. After talking a bit with Saumya and Kesha, I was directed to Ashley, the host, to check in and get a ticket for a free drink. AWESOME! I love free stuff, Lol. Ashley is so nice and kind. It was so great meeting and chatting with her last night. Although I went to her last event I was not able to formally meet her, but, I am glad that I was able to meet her this time around. She's also a blogger and photographer. 

After checking my coat in I went to the bar to get my free drink. There were so many options but I didn't know what to choose so I let the bar tender help me decided. I wanted a sweet drink but nothing too sweet. So he pointed out that I should try the Aphrodite's Melon Mule. He said I'd like it. The drink consists of Grey Goose Melon, Ginger Beer, and Lime.
Ok, now I am not a beer drinking, I don't really like beer, so I was a bit skeptical. Apologizes to the people that are beer drinkers, it's just not my thing, no offense. But when he put the drink in front of me, I tasted it and I must say it was pretty good! I was shocked that I didn't mind the taste. Cool!!! I guess as long as it's  a mixed drink I'm good, lol. I'm not much of a drinker anyway. I don't mind it but I just can't take the taste of beer or alcohol. If it's a mixed fruity drink I'm good. I mean I'll take a shot once in a while, but, it's not really something I like.

Ok back to the recap, yes, I was surprised that the drink was good.  So, after I got my drink, I turned around and saw that my friend Tiffany "The Together Traveler" blogger (who I met at the last blogger scene event) was right next to me, I tapped her on the shoulder and greeted her. We chatted and I met Tyler who's a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is so cool and fun. I met other people there that weren't bloggers, they were really kind as well.

During the Panel discussion I learned a lot about how to network with other brands, what to and what not to do to take my blog to the next level, and etc. I was finally able to catch up with Tanvi, she's such a fashionista, loved her outfit, to see how things are going. She and Saumya both have great style and looked great yesterday. After our chat, I met Krystal Tingle, blogger, she has such a lively fun personality. I also met Dahlia, blogger, and her friend who has the same name as me, Nicole, lol. Dahlia has a sweet and kind personality. Three really cool young ladies. I met other's in attendance as well.
After the Panel discussions my friend Stephanie David, Founder and CEO of PopNod was there to talk a little about her business. She is so nice and such a great person, we met on Instagram through a mutual friend and then I met her in-person at her StyleMakers and ChangeMakers event. But, it's so funny because she was at the Summer Send-Off Blogger Scene event I went to and she was a sponsor for it. And when we took the group picture we were only a few people away from each other, but we did not meet that day, so funny, lol. 
Once Stephanie finished speaking to the guest, it was time for the door prizes. What was so funny, I felt like I was going to win a prize but I didn't know what or when. I was the last to win the flowers. Tiffany and I both won flowers that night. YAY!!!
The party was beginning to wind down so Tiffany and decided to talk to some of the Panelist. We were able to have a great conversation with Julien of It's Julien, I love her blog. She is so amazing and sweet. Then I talked a bit to Stephanie as Tiffany talked to Alicia of Alicia Tenise. Alicia has a great blog also.Tiffany eventually began talking to Stephanie and once the party came to an end we decided to tell people bye. Tiffany then wanted to tell Ashley, the host, bye so we stopped and chatted with her a bit before we left. To be safe we left the party together, the buddy system, but parted ways because she had to take the train and I drove my car.  Safety First!!!    

At this event I mingled with the friends I made at the last event as well as made new friends. I met a good number of people at this event. Some were bloggers and some weren't. So many great bloggers under on roof. This is my second blogger scene event and I am truly a fan of this fun social gathering. Tremendously fun! At this event I won a prize!!! It was so awesome because I felt in my heart I was going to win. I won some beautiful flowers. I was told that the flowers are prehistoric and tropical. Such a fun event so glad I came. 

If you have a chance, also visit Anna's page she attended the same two blogger scene events as me, met her at both events. She's a fitness, food and fashion blogger.

Hosted and  Co-Created By Ashley In DC and The Fashionably Broke
Blogger Panelist
- Ally of Ally Cog
- Julien of It's Julien
- Cheralee of Miss Lyle Style
- Alicia of Alicia Tenise
- Nordstrom Pentagon City & Topshop
- South Moon Under & Mara Hoffman
- Lou Lou Boutiques
- Urban Stems
- Uncork’d Art
- Mallory Shelter Jewelry
- Crazy & Co.
- The Maxwell
- Solidcore
- Hanuel Jewelry
- Klink DC
See you next time!!!

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