Sunday, February 8, 2015

Be My Vintage Valentine

Me (left), Baille(middle), and Miya (right)
Hey my love bugs, 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Great News! I have a new event recap for you!

Well Let's Recap Shall We?! :)

Friday night,

I attended the Be My Vintage Valentine Fashion Event with my God sister Miya. This fashion show was a Pre-Valentine's Day event where vintage clothing was being modeled on the runway for you to purchase. Outfits that were shown on the runway could be bought at Amalgamated

Be My Vintage Valentine was organized and hosted by my good friend Baille Gelwicks of B.K. Gelwicks, a fashion branding and marketing strategy, PR and fashion productions company.

The event was held at The Manor in DC. When I say this was the perfect venue to have this event, I mean this was the perfect venue! The lounge itself had an edgy/vintage look to it, it meshed really well with the vintage outfits shown. I really liked the location. Very laid back but live at the same time.

When Baille first invited me to this event I just knew that I was attending and that it was going to be a good time. What I like most about this event is that it's supporting two important causes; Polaris Project: an organization fighting to eradicate modern slavery and restore freedom to survivors, and No More: a campaign focusing on ending domestic violence and sexual assault. I like going to events where I can help make a difference.

Upon entering this event my God sister and I checked in and received our swag bag, the first 25 people to enter the event early would receive a bag. We checked in with my friend Erin VanGorder of True Affects, a managing and consulting firm, who was helping out at the event. We greet one another and then I introduced her to my God sister. After retrieving our bags we were given signs for the No More Campaign to right what we wanted no more of. My sign said "No More Violence" and my Miya's sign said "No More Child Abuse!". I let my God sister write mines for me, I like her hand writing, lol.
Miya's sign
As Miya filled out our signs, I caught up a bit with Erin to see how things were. It was great seeing her again. The last time I saw Erin was at the StyleMakers and ChangeMakers event that she and Baille both hosted along with Stephanie David of PopNod. Once we were all checked in and Miya was done with our signs we headed to the bar.
My sign

As we were heading to the bar I spotted Baille gave her a hug, introduced her to my God sis, and caught up a bit. After all the introductions and the catching up we went to the bar to get a Signature Cocktail that was created for the event.

We settled for a French Kiss. I didn't know which drink to get so the bar tender and my God sis informed me that the French Kiss would be best for me, lol. While we waited for our drinks we glanced around the room a bit and took it all in. We really liked the look and feel of the place. Definitely wouldn't mind coming back on a regular day. Miya pointed out that they have happy hour. I'm not much of a drinker but I do like deals, lol. When our drink came I took a sip and really liked it. It was a fruity drink but wasn't too sweet because there was lemon in it to balance it out. I rarely tasted the alcohol and I was happy about that. :)

After were got our drinks we settled for a seat in the middle of the room by this huge window. This seat was the perfect spot to watch the runway show from.
Before the fashion show began I wanted to take pictures. We took a few pictures and then looked at the menu to order some food. Miya pointed out that you can never go wrong with wings so we settled on that. Although, at one point, we were a bit unsure about the wings because we never had POMEGRANATE GLAZED CHICKEN WINGS before. The wings came with Blue Cheese, Cucumber & Shaved Red Onions, which was why we were skeptical. We didn't think it would taste right. Our waiter reassured us that it was good and so we decided to just go for it.
 When he delivered the food we were happy. It looked good, so good I had to take a picture of it. No guy's I didn't put it on the gram (Instagram; a social media site, for those who don't know), lol. It's all good because it's on the blog. :) Anyway! Not only did it looked good but it tasted good too. There were six that was given so Miya and I split them. It was so good that it didn't event need the blue cheese sauce. Yea, this dish won us over, lol.

Once we finished eating and paid for our wings the Fashion show began. Not all of the outfits are shown below. I really liked the way they styled these vintage outfits. So gorge! Some of the outfits had an edgy twist to them. It was so cool because a lot of the clothes that were shown were pieces that I would wear.
Once the fashion show was over Miya and I took more pictures/selfies. My camera was being a bit weird at first when I was taking pics of her earlier, but we eventually got some good ones as the night progressed, lol.
We then took selfies at the photo-booth which turned our pics into GIFs. One of the GIFs is shown above at the top of this post. We took a lot of pics at the photo-booth which turned into us having a total of 5 GIFs, about four snap shots per GIF, lol. In one of our pics, Baille photo-bombed us, lol, shown above in the GIF. After we finished taking pics at the photo-booth, the selfie drone came out and it was a wrap. I took a few pics with it. I tried to take pics of the drone but it was not working. It was moving too fast. This image shown below was the best pic I could get of it.
 As the party was beginning to wind down I found Erin again and we chatted some more. Eventually we were all going to leave so I took a photo with her. Erin is so nice, it was great seeing here again at another event.  
Erin VanGorder and Me
 Once the party began to slow down and people were leaving and Miya and I decided to go. We said bye to Erin who was leaving. I then went to take a quick pic of Baille, for this blog post, and then we said our goodbyes.
Baille Gelwicks
Miya and I left the event feeling good. We were both tired and had work in the morning. Once outside we got the valet to bring me my car and we head home. Such a fun night. I had a great time. This was an awesome event. But of course, this was a B.K Gelwicks event, it was inevitable that it would be a fabulous event! I give this fashion event a two thumbs up! 
See You Next Time!!!

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