Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fashion @ The Mansion II

Hey loves,
This past Sunday I attended The G Concepts Fashion @ The Mansion II. I had a really good time. When I first found out about this event I was surprised and happy my friend Wain Jenkins was one of the coordinators for the event. I just knew I had to attend and sit on the front row, VIP. He also walked in the show.!!
My Friend Wain in Ola Raphael Designs 
Wain and I met on set of this short film we were working on called Single Assist, we also worked on another set, but I'll tell you more about that later.

Well, as I entered the mansion I checked in and went on the red carpet to be interviewed by Meloni Harris-Barber of Meloni's Works. She was so nice. After my interview I decided to head to my seat. But, to get to my seat I had to pass the vendors room. There were products from jewelry to skateboards/skateboard gear, and etc. As I left the room I reached my seat. 


Yea, I like sitting front row at events. Outside of the perks of being photographed or seen in a video promotion it's just better to sit front row. You get to see everything with no problem. I really dislike sitting behind people. I'm short so if someone is taller than me and sit in front of me it's a problem. 

So, front row is the section for me. 

The fashion show was held at the Newton White Mansion in the sun-room. Great location! I loved how the sun beamed and brought in such good light. There were a lot of windows and very fashionable attendees.  As I am sitting and taking notes for this event I noticed jazz music being played in the background. The music was relaxing and refreshing. 

There was also a table with non-alcoholic beverages which I though was cool because they were being responsible. Great thinking guys! At my seat was a red swag bag I received being VIP. There were nice gifts inside.
My Swag Bag Gifts
(Sidebar) I was a Jr. Brides maid at a wedding here when I was younger. That was the first wedding I was in. So far I've been in a total 4 weddings. 

Anywho! What I loved most about this event was that it gave back. Proceeds from the event were given to the United Way National Capital Area organization. Chris Preston the VP of Resource Development and the Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Brinkley, were both in attendance and representatives for the organization. Awesome! Y'all know I love giving back.  
Wain and Chris Preston
Kelly Brinkley
The show was hosted by Alvin B. King and Shae Smith. They did a pretty good job. Very supportive and informative hosts. They were fun and had good energy. Both were rocking designs from some of the collections throughout the show. 
Host Alvin B. King wearing Ola Raphael Designs
Host Shae Smith wearing Carissa Bernard
Here is a run through of the fashion show. (Sorry, No Sound!)  

In the Ola collection I got to see my friend Wain walk. He was amazing as I expected. It's always nice to see my friends doing well and that I am able to show them support. Ola had some nice pieces in his collection. I really liked Tatiana's line. Henry Marsham's line made me blush with all those half dressed men...Nice Abs guys...lol... Carissa Bernard had some really good pieces as well. Walter Wilson did a good job on his line. John Tillery's was really good also. Which do you like? 

I really enjoyed this event. It's was done well. I had a good time. It was also cool how the event was live streamed so people at home could watch. Great Show! 
Later Loves,
Me leaving the Fashion Show!

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