Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Blogger Who Tells Stories...

I am a blogger who tells stories,
I like to re-tell my adventures in a way that makes you feel like you were there with me.
I want you to laugh when I laugh and see what I see. Experience without even being there.

My pictures engages you and sucks you in.
I capture a moment in time. You see the world through my eyes. I see the beauty in life. I love capturing beautiful moments.

This world is so complex. But that complexity makes a story. It's your journey. No life is perfect or easy. Why not make the best of what is in the now.

We are giving one life. I believe in living it to the fullest and taking advantage of all the opportunities and chances that are given. Whether I achieve each goal or not at least I can look back at my life and say "Well, I Tried."

I like to step back and look and truly appreciate all the great things God has blessed me with. There is so much beauty and art in this world.

Live your life.

"I am but a girl, now a woman, daydreaming about the days to come where my dreams come true. Where the skies the limit. And Heavens the Goal. To be more like Jesus, to give The Lord my All.
Try and fall, I will never be alone. To God Be the Glory. Where Love is ALL!"

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