Friday, May 29, 2015

Awesome Con 2015!!!

Awesome Con was AWESOMEEEEEE!!!! lol

So glad my friend reminded me of it. I've always wanted to go to a Comic Convention, especially Comic Con, one day I will attend.

Any-who AWESOME CON!!!!

Last night, my friend LaShawn had reminded me of the Awesome Con Convention. I thought about it for a minute and I was like why not this could be something for the blog. Plus you never know who you may meet and I really wanted to go. So glad for the opportunity.

When I arrived to the Convention Center, I met up with LaShawn and we ate food. The food was good but a bit expensive. I should have known it would be though. I just needed food in my stomach. I've been using Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism work-out DVD and let's just say it does what it's supposed to do for me, lol. 

That work-out DVD kicks my butt, in a good way though.

Side-thank you, Thank you Jillian for helping me tone up for the Summer, lol.

After we finished our meal, we got up and browsed around enjoying ourselves. So many cool vendors and celebrities.

I knew I would have fun, but, I didn't know that I would have an Awesome Time, pun intended, lol. SOOO Much fun! We got the chance to talk to and shake hands with David Yost of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!!! THE BLUE POWER RANGER!!!!! The young girl in me who loved the Power Rangers was excited... :) He was cool.

Naw baby, we didn't get an autograph or take a photo, uh uh, they cost too much lol. Baby girl is on a budget lol. I got trips in the future that I am preparing for. Great meeting you though David!!

Who else in attendance that I saw, but didn't personally meet was, Austin St. John, the Red Power Ranger, Brian Tee, the Wolverine, George Newbern Justice League (Animation), but I know him from Scandal, Karen Ashley, The Yellow Power Ranger, Jason Mewes, Jay and Silent Bob, Merrin Dungey, Once Upon A Time (Ursula), WWE Diva Natalya, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Victoria Smurfit, Once Upon A Time (Cruella De Vil), and Walter E. Jone, The Black Power Ranger.

So many celebrities!

I was just glad to be there!

I begin vlogging and explaining to my friend how my selfie stick works. We are having a great time and acting up. You can see it in the video below. You guys, I am goofy and love having a great time with my friends.  I re-watched this video and just laughed at us. But it was a great experience and I wanted to make sure I record it to share with you all. :)
Please excuse LaShawn's language

As LaShawn and I are walking around the convention. We got hungry again and this time we went to Sabarro's. Much cheaper, lol. They wasn't getting me a second time, lol. Once we got back to the convention center we went to the booth where Natalya and Seth Rollins were. 

We watched as they autographed and talked with fans and then we went upstairs to be at their panel discussion. We got there really early, but good thing we did because we got great seats. Before we could enter where the panel room, we were told to wait in the room next door.

When we were finally let in to the room we sat and had a Q&A with the panelist, Natalya and Seth, it was pretty cool. I or LaShawn didn't get to ask a question but it was nice listening to the other fans questions and the answers that the panelist gave. They were fun. Once the panel discussion was over we headed home excited about the fun we had.
Natalya and Seth
Great Convention!!!
See you next time!:)
My Good Friend LaShawn
LaShawn and Me
Awesome Con!

The Convention!
Cosplayer and LaShawn
LaShawn and Me again!

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