Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fabulously Frugal by April

Good morning loves,
How was your Memorial Day?  :)
I have a new blog post for you. 
My mother, April Merriweather, decorated/designed a baby shower for a family member of one of her co-workers. She did an amazing job! I think she is so creative and talented, I am not saying that because she is my mom. I really believe it. I watched her make the cupcake stand and the castle shaped pamper cake (photographed to the left and below).

She's just that creative. 

She's always been decorating and designing for as long as I could remember. She designed her entire house, different birthday parties I had, office parties at work, and etc. My mom is amazing at decorating. 

I remember growing and having her designing and decorating my room. She would always come to me with different ideas on what we should do next. I love her talents. It was always exciting coming home and seeing a new design. 

One room my mother decorates and rearranges the most is the living room. No really, she changes it a lot, lol. But, that's really good, it means she always have ideas flowing through her mind. :). I'm ready to see the new design of the living room, lol. I'm always teasing her about the changes, but it's all in good fun. As long as it makes her happy.  
I am proud of my mom and her many talents. The fact that she is now turning her skills and hobbies into a business makes me proud to be her daughter. The name of her business is Fabulously Frugal by April. For business inquires you can reach her at mzamerriweather@yahoo.com. 
More photos of the baby shower below,
-The images shown were provided by my mother. 

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