Friday, May 15, 2015

PopNod: StyleMakers w/ A Cause!

Stephanie David Founder and CEO of PopNod
You did it again! Fun and epic night! Job well done! 

I attended another StyleMakers event but this time it was held at South Moon Under in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, Va. This is such a lovely location. I have never been here before and I must say it is such a beautiful place.  
There were so many familiar and new faces in attendance. A lot of my fellow blogging friends were there. We took a group photo and it came out so nice, adorable. (photographed below). Some of them you guys may recognize on previous blog posts I've done. It was so good catching up with them and meeting new people. 

I love being apart of the blogging community! 

I arrived to this event super early. When I got to my exit it was like 4:50 something so I stopped to pick up some items form CVS so that I could freshen up. Mind you I came straight from work. I didn't have time to run home. It started at 6 pm and with traffic so unpredictable I decided to just go straight there after work. I was at the store around 5:20 pm. I was not expecting to get there so early. I just wanted to get there early enough or on time so that I can find the place and good parking.  But, once I arrived I was glad I did get there early. 

The first 25 guest there was given a Swag Bag upon leaving the event. Although I was number 5 someone took my bag so I will be sent one in the mail. All good. :). I was enjoying myself and having a great time. I am just blessed that they have extras and that they will mail me mines. 

South Moon Under associates are amazing and so kind! They were really engaging and would stop to talk with you. So friendly and genuine.

Anywho, since I arrived so early I was able to freshen up and walk around.

(Sidebar, I will do a blog post on products used and what I did to freshen up.) 

Once I finished freshening up and walking around, I went to back to the store and had such a great time. I love attending PopNod's events. I'm an avid supporter of this company. They are so positive and promotes giving back. As most of you know, I love attending events who gives to a great charity/cause. I feel like if we have something to give then do it. We should be helping or fellow man and woman in need. I know if I needed help I would want someone to help me. 

The great part about shopping at this event was not only that you'll be giving back, but, 20%  was taking of off of your purchase. There was also a free mini mani bar in the back corner of the store. I was to busy chatting and mingling to take the time to get one lol. They also had some treats and drinks. When entering the store I entered in the raffle but I didn't win anything this time but its all good I was enjoying myself. Plus you can't win them all. :)

So, let me tell you about my purchase. At first I wasn't going to buy anything but I was persuaded by friends to get it and I held on to it long enough so it was fate lol. Such a great buy. I purchased this great travel bag with long straps. It was originally $34. I got it for $23.35 w/ taxes! 

Let me break it down. :) 

Remember when I went to the first StyleMakers event and I won a gift card for South Moon Under, well I still had $5.48 left on the card. With the 20% off I got it for $27.20 and with taxes $1.63 the total was $28.83!! But because of the gift card I only had to pay $23.35!!! Such a great buy. I am so excited and am in love. I really needed a bag like this. :) 

I went home satisfied! I had such a great time. Steph thanks for the invite I really appreciate it. Can't wait till the next event.

My Drink 
Me and Dahlia!!
 Taken by Dean Chen of PopNod with my friends, Dahila (in the center with flower top and blue skirt), Iphone

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