Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stay Fresh Kit: On The Go!

 Hey loves,
As promised, here is a post of my on the go stay fresh up kit. When I am already out and on the go, not all the time do I have the time to stop by the house to freshen up. That can be a bit annoying. This happened to me when I was heading to the PopNod event. I was leaving work and I didn't have time to go home and change. Anyone who know's me knows that I love to be fresh and smelling good all the time.

Since, I didn't have the time to go home, I went to CVS and picked up some things that would help me smell fresh, as if I just got ready. Plus, I ran out of some of my essentials and I needed to make a quick run to restock. I like to stay stocked on products. It's best to be prepared. Being fresh and prepared is very important to me. Some of the products I already had in my bag.

My essentials, as photographed above, consists of gum, perfume spray bottle, wet wipes, pantyliner's, deodorant, hand sanitizer, make-up foundation, lip gloss, polish (in case of chipping), make-up sponge wedge, and hand cream (which would be used as lotion as well). I also had a mini wide tooth comb for my natural hair, just in case I needed to tend to my hair, not photographed.

Now, I don't necessarily stick to specific brands or stores. Some products maybe I'll stick to but I am open to trying new things. This is not a post on telling you what and where to buy products. No one is paying me to do this post. I am merely doing a blog post on what I use for a stay fresh kit. For me when shopping I factor in money, the most reasonable price, and quantity, how much comes in a pack. I am not afraid to try new products. But, I am careful. If I have a bad reaction to anything I stop use immediately.

Safety First :)

Well, there you have it, my Stay Fresh Kit lol.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Until next time.


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