Friday, May 1, 2015


Hey loves!
It's been a minute since I've shared my adventures with you. So much has happened. I've been working like crazy and I went on vacation to see my little sister graduate from college. She graduated with honors!! So proud!! Click Here to view my vacation pics.

Any-who, I'm back and I have a very awesome post for you guys! :)

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, I am proud to say that my cousin Brandon T. Todd was elected Washington, DC's Ward 4 Council Member. It is so great seeing him following his dreams. I remember growing up with Brandon and playing Freddy Krueger as kids. One of my favorite memories. We put on our own little live performance in my aunts house lol. Brandon would make up the theme, story line, and act in the play. We would perform with my other cousins watching as the audience. I would run out of the fake movie screen before the scene even started lol. My talent as an actor wasn't fully developed then. Good times!

Brandon is a good person. I just knew he would win. He was too involved in the community not to win. He is a kind/ loving person and I believe that he will be a great Council Member. He's very dedicated. :)

I attended Brandon's Election Night Party! It was so much fun and very exciting. I was invited by my cousins, Kiara and Samaria McGhee (photographed below). You guys might remember them from previous blog posts I've done on them. They are fashion designers/stylists.

Brandon is my cousin's, Kiara and Samaria, cousin on their dad's side. I am on their mom's side. But, I've grown up with some of their dad's, my uncle, side of the family and I consider them family. Blood or not. To me family is not only about being biologically related, it is also about the love, bond and connection that you have with people.

I had an amazing time at this event. It was great being apart of this celebration. Congrats again Brandon! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW JOURNEY AS COUNCIL MEMBER! I KNOW YOU'LL DO GREAT!! :)
Me and My Family
Karen Todd (Left) (Brandon's Mom), Kiara McGhee, Samaria McGhee, Brandon T. Todd (Middle), Me, and Samuel McGhee (Right) (My uncle)

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