Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lonnie Bee's.. "I didn't play with BARBIE, I hung wit BARBARA!"

Hey boo boo's,

This evening I attended Lonnie Bee's Comedy/Stand up Meet and Greet show, "I didn't play with BARBIE, I hung wit BARBARA!," with my mom. It was held at The Arc in SE Washington, DC.

Awesome location.

This was my first show but my mom's second. She love's Lonnie.

My mom reminded me today that the show was this evening. I'm glad she reminded me because I couldn't miss seeing my Judy On Duty, it's a name that the fans call him.

My mom and I got to the show on time. The place was filling up. According to Lonnie, the show was a sold out show!!! Oh Yea!!!

I took a picture before the seats were filled.

I had such a great time and really enjoyed the show. Y'all, when I tell you that I laughed so hard, I did.

There was everything, singing, dancing, great music, and comedy. A full show.  I enjoyed myself

To those that are in Miami, Florida, Lonnie will be there at the Rift Theatre July 13th... Go check him out. (Mind you, he does curse if you are on the conservative side.)

Lonnie is such an inspiration. He's always in his videos talking about self love. He's always giving advice to his Good Good Girlfriends. His fans, for some of you who don't know, are called a GGGF (Good Good Girlfriends). I see on Facebook that he post what some of the positive things his fans send him and on how he's inspired them. It's great to know that he is spreading positivity and trying to help people. As well as make them laugh in the process.

I remember when he first started doing YouTube videos. He had a talk show called "Chat with Lonnie," I was always laughing. He's a character. :). Then he began doing Facebook videos that I love also. I enjoy going on my Facebook and seeing a video post of his pop up on my timeline.
Lonnie Bee Doing His Thing!
I respect Lonnie. What I love most about him is his realness and honesty. He tells it like it is. Or as he would say on his YouTube videos, "Real, Raw, and Uncut," lol.

He did something at his show that was sweet. He had everyone in the audience hug someone that they didn't know and tell them "It's a beautiful day in Zamunda," his slogan and a line he got from his fave movie "Coming To America" with Eddie Murphy.

Sidebar, It's such a great movie and a classic.

Like Lonnie said in the show you never know what people are going through. Which is true, giving someone a hug can change a life and/or make someone feel better. You just never know. That was such a sweet moment.

I am so proud Lonnie and all of his success. I remember when I was a kid and Lonnie use to have like a dance group. I was either 8 or 9 years old at the time. There would be block parties in his neighborhood and the girls in his group would dance. They were really good. I wanted to be apart of it but I was too shy. Lonnie called me out on it. He asked me if I wanted to be apart of his group but I was too shy and Lonnie was like you can't be shy. To him I was April's daughter, lol. To everyone back then and for a long time I was either April's daughter or lil April.

That was my name for a really long time, until I started to come into my own and started to make a name for myself. As well as stop being shy and sticking to my mom all the time when we were out, lol.

But, to some, I am still lil April. :)

I really enjoyed Lonnie's show. It was really funny and he told great stories. I was fully engaged from start to finish.

Towards the end of the show Lonnie got his Birthday GGGF's on stage and got them little gifts and took a group picture with them. Then he took a picture with is High School Graduate GGGF and then introduced his staff.  After that the show was over. A Success!

I am truly proud of you Lonnie and I wish you much more success.
Great show Lonnie!! You are hilarious.

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Until next time,
Lonnie and his B-day GGGF's!
Lonnie and his High School Graduate GGGF!
Lonnie and his Staff

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