Friday, June 12, 2015


Hey Boo's,
I hope I wasn't gone for too long. You already know what it is...NEW BLOG POST TIME!!!!
I 'm so excited and I missed you guys. I need to like stay up on my blogging game. lol

Let's catch up!

As you can tell from my title, I attended another Blogger Scene!!! My third one!!! FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Blogger Scene telling me about early bird prices. So I was like yes they are back and very low in price I need to get my tickets A.S.A.P. It was $11.24 with taxes. Great Deal! So excited I bought my tickets the moment they went on sale and notified my other blogging friends about the early bird price.

Fast-forward to Thursday, June 11, 2015, the day of the event, my friend Dahlia and I texted each other and decieded to meet up before the event started to grab a quick bite to eat.  I was running a little late so I decided to take an Uber. This was my first  time using Uber and I must say that I really enjoyed the experience.

My driver was so kind that once he dropped me off we both rated each other 5 stars. I even tipped him for his good services. I am all about good customer service. I'm naturally nice and kind so I want the same respect in return.

When I arrived at the location, The Yards in Washington, DC, of the event, I texted Dahlia and met up with her. We decided to tried TaKorean, the food was delicious. I had the soft taco with chicken. Since it was my first time there I allowed for the cashier help me out and suggest toppings. I apologize I can't even tell you in detail what I had on it. The photo is below, maybe you can see and get an idea of what I had. It was so delicious and it tasted fresh. Dahlia and I both enjoyed our meal. I love trying new food.
Once we were done we headed to the event. This time it was held on the Rooftop Pool Area at Vida Fitness. Such a lovely location with a great view. A while ago I was at the Vida Fitness Grand Opening, this location, with my friend LaShawn. She's a Vida Fitness member. So when they told her about the Grand Opening she invited me, the picture of the Grand Opening can be seen on my Instagram page.

Any-who, before Dahlia and I went in to the place, as bloggers and fashionistas, we could not resist the urge of taking some pics.
Me Doing My Modeling Thang! 
These Three Photos Were Taken By Dahlia!
When we were finally done with our mini photo-shoot, lol, we went inside. By us spending so much time taking pictures we missed out on getting free gift bags. But for me it was all good because I have to make sure I have pictures to show you guys. I even did a small video for you guys. 

See I sacrificed getting a gift bag for you, lol, and I don't regret anything. Hey, you can't win them all, lol. :)

Once we got settled, we vlogged, mingled, and listened to the panel discussion. 
Me and Dahlia!
This events panel consisted of Melanie of The Pretty Little Blog, Sarah of FiftyTwoThursdays , Meg of MegBiram, and Claire of ClaireAshleyBeauty. They were all amazing panelist and gave really good advice on blogging, interacting with brands, and etc. I learned so much from all of them. The funny thing is I was vlogging and ended up getting the opportunity to have Meg and Claire appear in my vlog. Awesome right! They are so cool. At first I didn't even realize they were the bloggers that were going to speak to us and give advice. They are awesome women and it was so great meeting them and being able to have them appear in my vlog. SCORE!!!! 
The Panelist
Ashley (left) of AshleyInDC, Co-Creator of Blogger Scene, looking at the camera and Natalie (right) of TheFashionablyBroke, Co-Creator of Blogger Scene, looking to the crowd. :)
Meg Biram
Claire Giving Awesome Advice!
Once after the discussion, Dahlia and I decided to take a pic the frame and then headed home. This was such a fun event. All of the Blogger Scene events I've attended have been fun. I was able to see familiar faces and meet/network with new people. I was invited to two events so that was cool! I didn't win a prize this time but as I said before, you can't win them all. Good Time. So glad I came. 
Until next time,

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