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Rose Fashion Show 3: Prep & Prissy

Hey Love's,

I have another really exciting blog post for you today. 

But, this one is really special to me because it's about my amazing, talented, and fierce cousins, Kiara and Samaria


This past weekend I attended the third Rose Fashion Show to support my cousins, more my sister's, who were apart of the show. They revealed their line of clothes and I must say their collection is amazing. I am not being bias, I truly believe in their line. Growing up I've always thought they had a great sense of style.


As you all may remember, I did a blog post on them a while back for their clothing line RARE(ly) Normal. They have now gotten a business license and changed the name to Prep & Prissy!!! I am so happy for them!!!


The line has not launched yet, not until Aug. 22, 2015. 

Although they have not launched their line, they still decided to be apart of the Rose Fashion Show. This is really smart because it will bring more clientele and word of mouth to their brand. As well as get people prepared for the line when it launches. 

Awe, their first fashion show. 

My girls are doing it big, lol. 

To get updates and a preview of the items they will be selling follow them on Instagram and Facebook.  
Co-Founders and Owners of Prep & Prissy
Samaria (left) and Kiara (right)
I am so proud of them!!! When they told me about their runway show I knew I had to go. They are always supporting me with my acting and blogging I just had to be there for them. We are a family that supports and will always be there for one another. I bought a VIP tickets just so I could be up-close, especially since their line went first.  

What I love most about their line is that it reflects their own person style and who they are. They have an edgy, cool, and chic style. In a previous interview I did on them Kiara told me their style is inspired by their mood of the day. 

Although they have a bold and cool style, they are still quite shy. But, you will never know because they have a strong and confident exterior.  

When they went on stage, I just new it was awkward for them, public speaking is more my thing, lol. But it's ok because they did a good job. Plus, their clothes spoke for them. 

They are very passionate and driven young ladies. I love that they were just at the last Rose Fashion as attendees. Dedication and determination. I am soo proud of them.

I feel like I am going to be saying that throughout the entire post, bare with me, it's just so great when you know and seen someone's journey. And when it's family it makes it all the more precious and real. So I can only be proud!!

Great things are heading my sister's way!!!

I am so sad that I won't be able to attend their launch party, but at least I was able to attend and support them at their very first fashion show. A huge milestone! It's so crazy because it's been a dream of theirs since we were kids and to see it come to life is a breath of fresh air, and an amazing feeling. :)

Having an AWE moment!!!
Okay, I'm back, lol.

The fashion show was held at The Arc in Washington, DC, where Lonnie Bee had his comedy show. 

Since I purchased a VIP ticket I was able to sit on the stage and be closer to the runway. 
My Seat
It was really cool being on stage to see each collection up close. Although I was on stage and got a closer look, my seat was facing the audience. That was a bit awkward. But I will say it was a blessing that my family, that came to support as well, was sitting with the general audience in my view.  So, I didn't feel completely awkward. I could just look at them. 
They had me laughing the majority of the time by making fun of me. 

I love my family! 

They were making fun of me being on my phone. But, I was on there taking LOTS of notes on the event. Plus, you know how you lose a good thought? I didn't want to do that. I like documenting during events that way I won't miss a train of thought. You guys know I like giving you details of the events I attend, lol... 

Taking my notes did have it's perks though. It was times when I was sitting on stage and I felt awkward, like people were watching me, lol. So, I'd take my phone out and start my notes or take pics with my camera. 


I know some people in the audience was probably looking at me like "oooooo she is bourgeois." I hope not because that so wasn't the case at all. I just found comfort in my phone. But that all changed when the focus was intentionally put on me.

It was actually one of the highlights and funniest moments of the night for me. I was being serenaded by the rapper Tommy Lebait, lol. 


It was funny because I wasn't expecting it. But, I was like okay I'll let him serenade me, lol. So I stopping laughing and let him have his moment. I just gave him my undivided attention. To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what he said. All I remember hearing is "roll-up" then I spaced. It was funny because I don't even smoke, lol. 

My cousins were in the audience laughing at me. They said I looked at him like "if he don't get out of my face," lol. I wasn't even thinking about anything. I don't know, lol. That was fun though. I've never been serenaded before. But it was all in good fun. I kind of liked having the attention, I'll admit, lol. One of my childhood friends made a little joke about me having my 15 mins of fame, lol. I was laughing so hard. Funny. :)
Tommy Lebait
There were other artist that performed, they all did a pretty good job. I enjoyed all of the performances.

There were also about 12 to 13, not completely sure about the number, talented designer's that featured their collections including the creator of the Rose Fashion Show, Wizzol X.

He presented his Adidas line. Really cool. He did a good job. Not only with his collection but with the show as well. There was music, fashion, an organization that was there to help empower the youth, and real food. Nice! 

Great Show!!!

I actually remember Wizzol X from Elementary School. It's always nice to see people from your childhood grow to doing great things. 

He's very humble. 

Congrats on everything Wizzol! Keep up the good work and I wish you much success in the future. Good luck!!! :) 

This was his third Rose Fashion Show and it is the last in the DC area. He's beginning a tour so be on the look out for this young talented designer.

What I loved most about the event was that it supported local artist. It's good when people can come together as a community and support one another.

Some of the designers and/or their collection.  

Prep & Prissy

Song: Statement by local DMV Artist 
Ava Hovanka

The Outsiders
(One of their Designs)

Leaders Of The Free
(Four of Their Designs)

(Artist, such as, Rae Sremmurd wear their designs)
(3 of their Designs)

Wizzol X
Wizzol X (middle)
The hosts Gia Alexander and Ryan Butler did pretty good. They were funny. I liked all of the dresses Gia wore. She even wore Haus of Falenci'ago (not shown below)
Gia (left) & Ryan (right)
What's so cool is that owner of Haus of Falenci'ago, Scheron Harley, taught me ballet and African dance. He is awesome! I am so proud of him. 

All in all, this was a really nice fashion show. I enjoyed myself. There were many talented artist and designers and I just wish every on well in the future. From the words of Saturday nights host Ryan, "Support Local Artist!"

To Kiara and Samaria,
I am so proud of you two. I know you are saying, we are proud of you too Nic, but right now it's about you. You guys are so talented and amazing. Never forget that. Always reach for the stars. I wish you a great journey to the top. I love you guys!!! :)

See you next time loves,
kisses :) 

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