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eSalon: Product(s) Review

Hey lovely people,
I have some exciting news! More like news and a story! Hopefully it's not too long like the last one, lol.
But, I do have a lot to tell you.
Okay, okay story, right.


Back Story...

Well, as you all may know, I attended the Simply Stylist event 7/18/15 in Chicago and I had a really great time. I attended the event as a VIP Fashionista and that meant perks. One of the perks was an amazing gift bag full of gifts. When I received the gift bag at the end of the conference I went through it, while in my Uber heading back to the airport, and I noticed that some of the items that were in the bag were larger than TSA requirements, so I wasn't able to take some products home with me. 

One of the products that I really wanted to try,  that this blog post is about, was eSalon's leave in conditioner. I was heart broken that I couldn't bring it home with me. So I decied to use one of the tips I learned and reached out to the company. Couldn't hurt to try.


Sidebar, for those who are wondering, I only had my purse and gift bag with me.

The leave in smelled really good.

The fact that it was a leave in captivated me because I've been in search for a new leave in. Something that would work with my hair and make it soft and hydrated. When I got home I made the decision that I was going to do one of the tips learned and reach out to the company. 

The next day came!!!

After church when I got home I reached out to the company. I told them that I was a blogger, I linked my blog in the email, told them what happened and asked if I could get another one of the leave in conditioners and in return I'd do a product review on my blog. 


The next week came!!!

Tuesday, I received an email response from Courtney, an eSalon representative, asking me if I wanted to try THE MATCH UP. That way I could try more products from the brand. I was all for that. I'll tell you more about the products in a moment. She asked me what was the best date and time to talk more. I told her Wednesday and the time that would be best.

The Match Up is a box full of products you choose/purchase from the site and it's shipped to you. You can choose to set up for monthly shipments of products and the site will automatically deduct the money from your listed credit card. You can visit the site for prices and more information. 

Wednesday, The next day...

Courtney called and we discussed the different products I should try, among other things. I'll tell you about that in the future, stick around. I can't spoil all the surprises in one 

Courtney suggested that I try and mix the products, basically play with them and see what works for me and my hair, which I will say was great advice.

 After our discussion I was super excited. I just couldn't wait for the products to come for me to try and reveal to you all the results.

eSalon has amazing customer service. Courtney was so nice and extremely helpful it was a pleasure speaking with her. It is always nice encountering kind people who are willing to help you. 

Saturday, The next few days...


I was overjoyed!

The products made it and I was so ready to try them. The funny thing is, I had already done my hair when the products arrived. Therefore, I decided to do my hair on Tuesday. 

Tuesday, The next couple of days...


When Tuesday arrived I washed my hair and tried out the products. I only used eSalon's products. Except for the shampoo. Since I am natural and shampoos strip my hair, making it feel dry, I do not use shampoo. I use Apple Cider Vinegar and Water. That was the only product used that was different, everything else was an eSalon product. 

Step one...

I cleansed my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and water. I put some apple cider vinegar  and water in a spray bottle and shook it up. After mixing the ingredients I sprayed it on my hair and scalp and worked it in. To make sure all of my hair was saturated with the product I messaged on my and scalp. Once finished applying the product, I placed the shower cap on my head to let it sit for a while for a deep cleansing.

I didn't necessarily time how long I left it in, I just went based on what I felt was the time to wash it out. Some people keep it in for about 30 minutes. It you want to try this home remedy, do what's best for you.

Once done, I rinsed my hair out with warm water. My hair felt so cleansed and not stripped at all.




Step two...

After cleansing it was time to use the deep treatment mask. I sectioned my hair and applied the product to my hair. The directions says that it should be applied after shampooing and to leave on for ten minutes. I did as it said and left the mask on for ten minutes. After applying the product on my hair I placed another shower cap on my head for a deep treatment.

Once my ten minutes was up, I rinsed the product out of my hair. When I finished rinsing my hair it felt mostly hydrated and smooth.

Step three...

The leave in was applied right after I washed out the deep treatment mask. I sectioned my hair again and applied the product.


My favorite out of the bunch. This is what I've been looking for. This product made my hair feel so soft, like butter. It was very bouncy. I could've kept running my fingers through my hair all day, lol.




Step Four...

Moisturized, smooth, and oiled. That is what these products together made my hair feel after applying them. I Liked them both together. However, the anti-frizz hair serum did not keep my hair from frizzing. For me it is best to use this product as an oil rather than for frizz control.

After applying the products I styled my hair in flat twists. This style would be my day one hairstyle.


Step Five (Day One and Two Hair)...

Day One Hair...

When I woke up the next morning, Wednesday, day one hair, I took down my scarf sprayed the holding spray and added my headband  and started my day. This spray is very light weight and sprays the way a hair spray would. Descent hold. On my hair it doesn't last the whole day.

Day Two Hair...


The next day...

Normally I keep my hair in the flat twist for about five days but I decided to take me hair down to see how it would turn out.  Plus I wanted to get the blog post done sooner than later.

Results after taking my hair down and plucking it out a bit.  

This day was really humid. But on the bright side my hair was still cooperating. This picture below was after a little more plucking and some humidity. I think it still looked nice. The holding spray did a pretty good job. 

Although by the end of the day, night time, my hair was a completely shrunken puff, it was still soft and moisturized. I turned it into a fro. 


Photos before the evening and extreme puff, lol

All their products was light weight and just right. Not overly saturated with heavy oils and ingredients. All together this line worked well with my hair. I only wanted to use eSalon's products and not add my own, in order to get pure results.

Although I liked them all my favorite was the leave in conditioner. I will definitely apply this product to my regimen. All in all the products did a really great job on my hair.

What's awesome about this company is that they are cruelty free!!! No Animal Testing!!! I love that! I'd recommend these products. Although I didn't have the best results with a few of the products, keep in mind I am natural. All hair textures are different. What may not work well on my hair may be perfect on yours.

Great products eSalon. Thank you for collaborating with me!!!
I look forward to working with eSalon in the future. :)
Until next time loves,

Saturday, July 18th: Simply Stylist| Chicago
Sunday, July 19th: Sent eSalon an email
Tuesday, July 21st: eSalon responds to email
Wednesday, July 22nd: eSalon calls
Saturday, July 25th: eSalon's package has arrived!!!
Tuesday, July 28th: Washed Hair
Wednesday, July 29th: Day One Hair
Thursday, July 30th: Day Two Hair
Saturday, Aug 1st: Review Posted!!!
3's A CHARM!!! 


*Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review.

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