Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Trip To LA!!!

I'm back from vacation!!! I missed you all!!
I'm just going to give a quick recap of my 5 days in LA...

I arrived in LA and took a shuttle from LAX to Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel. After checking in, I dropped my bags off to my first room and I went upstairs to the Concierge Lounge because I had access to the free food.
I had a tour with eSalon!!! That was so much fun. I was finally able to meet Courtney and put a face to the voice. This company is so amazing. They are all about customer satisfactory and relationships. I was able to see how they make hair dye. What I found cool was that the hair dye is personalized to their customers. So cool.

Everyone there, that I spoke to, was friendly and welcomed me with warm smiles. I had a really fun tour. Courtney is really cool!

Upon leaving I received two gifts from them, a detangling brush and shower cap.

Such A Fun Tour!!!

Late Afternoon,
My friend Jasmine came and hung out with me for the weekend. When she arrived we went to Hollywood Blvd and walked the strip. She had a caricature done of her. It was funny. The strip was pretty cool.

I switched to my second room because I was supposed to have a view of the swimming pool.
After handling the room situation, we went to Runyon Canyon Park for a hike. That was fun and scary at the same time. I faced my fears and climbed to the top. Jasmine pushed me to climb and I'm glad I did press through and didn't give up.

I got to see how beautiful LA is. I took video and pictures. I was also able to get a picture of the Hollywood sign. That was fun.

Later on in the afternoon after the hike we got dressed and took the train and rode Lyft to Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. We did a bit of sightseeing. We took lots of pictures and ate outdoors at 208 Rodeo Restaurant. They had live music which was pretty cool.

A Nice & Fancy Restaurant...

After Rodeo Dr. we went to the Grove and walked around a bit. Next we went to the cafe and lounge that was there called Planet Dailies. Great place.

Such A Great Weekend!!!

Jasmine went home and I stayed in for the day and took lots of naps. I was exhausted from yesterday's adventure. After my naps I recorded a short tour of my second room, ate dinner and took a quick walk. When I returned to my hotel and watched The Walking Dead marathon until Fear The Walking Dead premiered. The show was pretty good.


Since it was my last day I decided to take a tour of Paramount Pictures Studios. This was a really cool tour. I had a great time. After my tour I went back to the hotel made sure all of my things were packed for tomorrows departure. Around 8 pm I went for a quick swim. It was refreshing and relaxing. I haven't swam in a while. I missed it. After my swim I went back to my room and got ready for bed.

I ate breakfast, checked out, then flew home...

LA was loads of fun. I will mostly likely take another trip there. I took too many pics to post them all, but, click here to see a condensed version of my trip.

Here's also a video of my time in LA.

Until Next Time...

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