Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cocktails with Claire...

Hello my beautiful love bugs,

My Saturday was pretty filled. 
First up the Fashion Bomb Daily event: Cocktails with Claire.
Second, I did volunteer work for my job to help sell tickets and merchandise for a Musical we put on.
Lastly, I went to a late night dinner at Chili's to finish my night.

Cocktails with Claire 

This was a pretty cool event. There was shopping and networking. You had an open bar and everyone who attended received a certain amount of tickets to get free drinks. A live DJ was there spinning and doing a great job playing oldies but goodies. I got my lil groove on at the table I was at...lol. It was a good night I must say.

Lots of fashionistas and fashionisto's in attendance as well. lol. It was so nice seeing so many fashionable people coming out dressed to impress. I loved all the different outfits.

My wardrobe:

I went for a Forever 21 outfit I purchased online. I had on a black crop top turtleneck, a mid skirt, booties I got from Gabes, a Traci Lynn necklace, and a jacket I got from NY & Company, full outfit seen below

The Cocktail party was held in Georgetown at the Mal Maison on K st. Nice location. I wouldn't mind coming back to this place during regular business hours and dinning there.

I drove to this event. I'm so glad that I did because I wouldn't have been able to do all that I did. There was so much driving. I parked in a garage near the event so that was perfect and it was only $10. I refused to get an Uber or take the metro. I had too much to do to wait for a ride.

As I am walking to the event I met Valerie, a young lady walking behind who was attending the event as well. After introductions we became instant event buddies. (An event buddy is your go to person when you are at an event.) From then on we walked and chatted. I found out that she's an image consultant.

When we arrived to the event I took a picture on the black carpet.

After taking photos, which was taken by someone who I believe coordinated the event (don't quote me on it), we headed inside to check in. Valerie was done first so she waited for me to get check in. That was so nice of her. Once I was done checking in we entered the event headed up stairs and started browsing.

See, I came with a mission take photos and network and that's it, which I did. lol. Valerie ended up buying some cute glasses from one of the vendors. While she shopped I browsed around and took photos. I mingled a bit with the vendors and held a $1 thousand purse from BE Anthony. Cute but too much for me. lol. (The center black purse.)

So, I just got a business card and did more browsing and taking pictures until I saw a familiar face. My friend from Jr. High School, Yasmine! I haven't seen her in years, since around 2006. We were both in F.B.L.A  (Future Business Leaders of America) and would go to the conferences when we were younger. She was two grades ahead of me. I called her name and she looked at me and we gave each other a hug. It was so great to see here again and reconnect. I found out that she blogs which is so cool. Now I have another blogging friend I can attend events with!

Once Valerie was done shopping we all headed back downstairs and found a table to stand at. At the table, I introduced Yasmine and Valerie to one another and we all became instant friends. It was so funny because Yasmine thought that Valerie and I knew each other before the event because we were so cool. lol.

Yasmine saw the Fashion Bomb Daily sign and asked if I'd take a photo of her. I said sure. Then she took pictures of me under the Fashion Bomb Daily sign on the wall. This was a perfect photo spot!

After taking so many pics we headed back to our table where Valerie was and chatted some more.

We stood not too far from this really nice mirror with a fire place under it, next to the VIP seating. This time I didn't do VIP because I am budgeting for a future trip. I'll tell you more about that in the future. I am really excited and can't wait to tell you all about it!

After talking and doing catch with Yasmine, Claire makes a grand entrance, greeting everyone and taking pictures. She said hello to us as she passed our table. She was sweet. Yasmine and I got a really nice shot of her on our cameras as she entered the room. 

When Claire disappeared into the crowd we talked some more and then decided to head out. I had to volunteer for a play for my job. Second activity! I got free tickets and I agreed to help out. It was getting close to the time I needed to be to the location. So, we retrieved our gift bags and headed out. Inside was some flyers, business cards, Motions De-tangling butter, and a chocolate covered cookie.

Outside, Yasmine took some pictures on the black carpet and then we headed to our cars. We walked and talk making plans to hangout and have photo-shoots in the future and then we said our farewells. I got in my car and headed to the play to watch and help out. I enjoyed the show. After the show co-workers and I went to Chili's to eat and we had a good time. Third Activity! After a late night dinner I headed home and posted some of the pics to my social media accounts. Then went to sleep.

It was a pretty fun and busy night.

Until next time,

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