Friday, February 19, 2016

DCTV | Indie in DC: Hosting 101

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For a while now I've been researching and trying to find information on hosting and how to break into the industry. Last night I was given that opportunity to learn more about hosting when I attended DCTV's Indie in DC: Hosting 101/ The How To's of Hosting event. It was held at DCTV in Washington, DC.

This was a very informative event. There were so many key moments and great advice that was given that all my questions were answered. I learned a lot about the business and what it takes to be a good host. The main key points and what I took from each panelist was research, believe in yourself, get yourself out there through social media, find your brand and promote it.

I took so many notes. I felt like a sponge soaking up so much information. Although I was tired this event was worth attending. Very educational. The tips were very helpful.

 As a host you should do your research, study, practice, prepare, and make yourself aware of current events, and hone your skills. Hosting is more than just being a friendly face on camera.

I've gained a new found respect for Hosting.

After the discussion, the moderator, Jo-Ann Enwezor, opened the floor for questions. Once Q&A concluded, a lucky audience member was given the opportunity to interview the moderator and get critiqued by the panelists. That was so cool. I was able to see first hand what to and not to do. Great learning experience. This was a well worth it event! To top it all off it was FREE!!! Awesome Right?!?!?! I learned so much in 2 hours. Great Discussion!!!

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Guy Lambert(Left), Markette Sheppard (Middle) Karen Hudes (Right)

Markette Sheppard, Host of Great Day Washington airs LIVE on WUSA -CBS
Karen Hudes, Host of Network of Global Corporate Control airs LIVE on DCTV
Guy Lambert, radio Host- The Joe Clair Morning Show, WPGC-95.5
Moderator: Jo-Ann Enwezor, Community Outreach Manager, DCTV

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