Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nicole Shaw's Connection Workshop: The Launch Event!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016 was the official launch of  my very first workshop, Nicole Shaw's Connection Workshop. This was a very exciting day for me because I was able to take what I do on a regular and teach others. For me and my attendees it was a fun experience because it got people moving and talking. I truly enjoyed teaching this workshop it was so liberating seeing everyone coming alive and having fun all while making new connections.

This workshop event is different from any other networking event because it teaches individuals how to connect with one another and to have fun while mixing in some improv games. It was something different and in my book very helpful and beneficial. 

By taking what I've learned in college, improv class, and over time by attending events, I've created my own workshop to help others who lack in the charismatic department or would like to develop their skills.  

It's very important that we continue to communicate face to face because in this technology age we are getting too virtual to virtual which makes us loose that human connection. We interact with each other everyday but to me it seems that we no longer know how to properly communicate with one another. Being able to properly communicate can help get you far. 

What made me most proud about my workshop was the transition. When people first entered they were kind and polite but did not mingle as much, but during and after the workshop it was like a door opened and fresh air rushed in. Everyone was so happy laughing and mingling among themselves. It was like we were all very close friends. It was such a great environment.

There was light refreshments and snacks, great jazz music and fun. Some of the attendees received gift bags.

I had a promotion called the first five. If you purchased your ticket from the first five category online you received a gift bag. There was only five gift bags available. Three people purchased there's online and I gave away two to deserving attendees.

This was such a fun workshop. I enjoyed teaching these group of people. At the end everyone was really excited and looked forward to my next one day workshop which will be in June.

If you missed out on the launch event and would like to attend the workshop be on the look out for the release of the official date and time for the next event. You can stay up-to-date through this blog, the workshops and my social media accounts. Visit Nicole Shaw's Connection Workshop social media pages to see more pictures of the event.

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