Monday, September 5, 2016

Nicci Where Have You Been?!

Hey my love bugs,

It's been an entire Summer since the last time I wrote to you guys. I know, I know, I've been tripping not updating you guys on what's been going on. 4 months is a long time. My bad, I'm working on it.

Well let me start with saying I miss you guys and I've had pretty good Summer. It was really busy but good. For some who follow on IG knows what been going on with me.  For those who don't I'll give you a quick refresher. I've been working, doing photo shoots, hosting two workshops teaching individuals how to properly Network and Communicate, and took a quick vacation. Such a fun Summer. But I'm glad the Fall is almost among us.


Now that my Summer is coming to an end and things are slowing up for me, I'll have a little more time to blog! I have some exciting things happening this and next year. Things that I cannot wait to share! Stay tuned...

In Preparation Mode!!! 

I do plan on getting back into going to events and sharing my world with you guys so subscribe. More blogs to come in the future. However, if you follow me on IG (@NicciCatrice) and Snap (@NicciCatrice) you can stay current with me on those sites. I've been using the new stories feature on IG to give you guys a little more insight to my world a bit through there. So stay connected.

Great things to come! 

Okay, now my Summer trip,

I took a quick trip to North Carolina to visit my best friend Jasmine. It was a nice little get away that was much needed. I took "The Bus" down there. Let me tell you I only paid $13.50 round trip there. AMAZING DEAL!!! It was a long ride about 7 plus hours but it was well worth it.

Such a fun and relaxing trip. We had a great time there. A good girls weekend of fun and laughter. I've missed her. I'm so glad I was able to take a trip to go and visit her. Nothing like being in person and hanging out with your best friend. I'll have to visit her again.

I didn't take too many pictures as it was an escape trip. I needed the peace and relaxation. My Summer was so busy that I just used this trip for peace of mind and reconnecting with the bestie. Well worth it. I came back to DC so relaxed.

Side Bar; 
While I was down South visiting my BFF I finally made a Snapchat (mentioned above) so make sure you are following me on there, @NicciCatrice, to stay current with me. I think I'm going to start vlogging on there as well. We'll see, lol.

Any who,

Until Next Time,

North Carolina Mini Vacation
 Me and My Best friend Snapchatting
 Star trek

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