Monday, January 9, 2017

Going With The Moment...

Growing up I always had a plan. I had plans for the near and distant future. There's nothing wrong with planning or having a plan, but there's a flaw in planning the future, it's unknown. The future can be speculated but for the most part its inconclusive. I have goals of where I would like to end up and I am striving for them. But, who knows how I will get there or where I will end up. So instead, I am preparing for the possibilities of the future, being to be open to change, and going with the moment.

Preparing for the possibilities of the future:

There are so many possibilities to my future and I do not know the direction it is going to take me or where I will end up. Therefore, I am preparing for the possibilities. I have an idea of would like to end up, and I am striving to see my dreams in fruition. Even though the journey to get there is forever changing.

We shall see... :)

Story Time:

Growing up I was dead set on acting. That was the only thing I wanted to do and  the only plan/goal. However, because it is an unpredictable field I went to College to get my BA. I chose school as a backup plan just in case acting didn't workout. But I did come up with a plan to Head to LA and begin acting after I graduated school.

Although my plan was to go to School and then act, things didn't go according to plan.

Here's the issue with a dead set future plan: life happens and the future changes.

I knew this, but I was a bit stubborn to accept that reality. I thought I was going to get through school debt free to do what it was I wanted to do: Head to LA and act. 

However life happened:

During my Senior year of College, I had to take out my first student loan. I was so sad because now this puts a damper on my plans.

Now I had a burden to add to my plans.


So my plan changed:

After Graduation, I worked: to pay off my student loan, began acting on some local productions, and started attending events to network with people. 

In the midst of it all, I found a new love; blogging and photography. I've always been into photography since I was a kid, but after taking photography class in College I had a new found respect and interest for it. 

I would take photos and blog about my life; things that interested me, my travels, and attending different events in the city and blogging about them. It was something to do and to get me out of the house.

Later, I stopped acting professionally and began taking Improv classes at WIT (Washington Improv Theater) because my student loan needed my full attention. Studying improv was a compromise so that I could focus on my loan and act. But it allowed for me to learn a new craft of acting and perform in order to keep my skills sharp.

Another change to the plan.

I completed the program in a year in a half and got my completion letter. But now since my student loan is paid off I am now slowly getting back into it. But, this time with more goals. See the original plan was just to act, now I've added blogging and photography into the mix.

Okay so yes, everything seems to be working out and I am a firm believer that everything will work out in the end. However, this is the reason why I am preparing for the possibilities of the future because there's no clear path or plan. I have an idea of where I want to end up in future and yes I am striving for that, which in a since is a plan but more so an end goal. Which is why I am in preparation mode for the future more. I am opening up my "plans" and allowing change and flexibility in. The possibilities of the future are endless.

I am not saying I'll never have a plan but what I am saying is, at the moment, it is best for me to prepare for the possibilities of the future. To me plans aren't set and stone and life happens too much. I'm just preparing for the different obstacles to come my way in order to make my dreams come true.

I can have a plan but I need to make more room for change.

Opened to change: 

Yes, I had backup plans but I wasn't trying to entertain them.Yes, I understood change. But, I kind of tried to control my changes so that it would work out for me. I accepted change to an extent. I just went hard to make plan A happen.  

But in the midst of it all, I forgot to enjoy the journey and at times I forgot to live in the moment. I didn't appreciate College the way I should have. I focused so much on graduating in 4 years with honors, just in case I decided on Grad School. Don't get me wrong, I did have fun moments in School, I just would have had more fun had I been opened to the change at hand.

Every second is different from the last. Life is so spontaneous and it took me after College to fully understand that. I am now more opened and accepting of life changes. I had to go through some experiences to do so. I've humbled myself a lot to life and it's because of life's changes. Life happens! And it doesn't mean my dreams can't come true I just have to give it my all and maybe attack them from a different viewpoint. I am now going with the flow.

Going with the moment:

It's okay to be prepared and to have a plan. But it's also okay to go with the flow and be in the moment. Improv taught me how to be in the moment with acting. But now I need to apply it to my everyday life and go with the moment. Sometimes, I get stuck in the future or the past that I lose sight of the present and then I look up and it's the next week.

Small present changes can affect the big future. I am now just doing things that makes me happy and being open. Living in the now. Allowing life to happen and to not get overwhelmed when things do not go my way. No one knows how the future or how it will pan out, so I am just living in the now.

Looking at today, attacking today, and allowing for tomorrow to happen. I can prepare for tomorrow, have an idea or a plan on how I want tomorrow to go, but I cannot fully plan it out because tomorrow is not promised and it's unknown, and again LIFE HAPPENS. The future does not go according to our plans, but Gods plan. Only He knows the future. Therefore, I am now going with the moment.

Let's see what happen next!

Until Next Time,

Disclaimer: I am not a life coach or a doctor. I am not telling you how you should live your life. I am simply telling you my story on going with the moment. 1/9/17-N.S.

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