Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Little Things: Bonding with my Sister!

This past weekend was filled with so much wonder and joy. I had an amazingly fun impromptu weekend adventure with my God-sister Paige of Powder N Pose.

I had just gotten off of work when I received a text message from my sister asking if I wanted to do a movie or dinner. After a few back and forth text messages of figuring out what we wanted to do, we ended up deciding on trying this new sports bar at the MGM Casino and Hotel at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD called the Tap Sports Bar.

I'd never been to the MGM and my sister had never been to the Sports Bar so it turned out to be a great compromise.

The Tap Sports Bar was really nice and had some good food choices but I decided to just order some sweet potato fries. I wasn't hungry because of the filling meal I had earlier for lunch. So, I decided to munch on something light. My sister on the other hand was hungry and ordered some chicken tenders, which were pretty good, she let me try a piece. The way they cooked it reminded me of a fish stick. 

Great choice sissy!

After we finished eating we paid our bill and headed to Public House for dessert. lol

I know, I know! Don't judge me, lol!

The reason being, the Tap did not have what I wanted on the dessert menu which was a brownie sundae and Public house, a bar at the National Harbor, at least had a warm chocolate chip cookie sundae.

So that turned out to be another great compromise and we were able to get drinks as well. Plus, I also wanted to show my sister my old stomping grounds when I was in my late teens/early 20s and would go out. Public House was my favorite place.

My step mom introduced it to me, it had a great vibe and DJ, as well as a really good crowd. However, now it seems that they are under new management and changed things up a bit because the crowd and the music they played was a bit older. It was also not as live as before.

It was a little too on the grown and sexy side for my taste. Like a 35 and over crowd. Plus, I got carded twice and that kind of change my views about the place. I was asked to show my ID twice. Once by the waitress when we ordered drinks, which is normal, and again after the drinks came, when we were already consuming our drinks, by an older man who seems to be the manager of the place. 

Our waitress even told him that she checked our ID's already, he seemed to not care or was not even listening to her. Yeah, that was unnecessary. I guess I can retire it from being my scene now. 

It's all good because U st is my new go to. I love to bar hop there. 

I think I'll just turn Public House into just a place I go to for food and dessert and not so much for night life. It's still a great place but the energy for night life is a bit older for 25 year old me. But I'll always have a soft spot for the place.  Lol

All in all we had a good night. 

The next day my sister and I did a morning workout. Which was very exhausting however rewarding. After our workout we freshened up and went to the mall. 

Pentagon City. 

Before we went shopping we ate some delicious food at Match box. After our meal we headed to Sephora so sissy could get the new Fenty Beauty, by Rihanna. 

She did a color match but they sold out of her color so we left and headed to Tyson Corner. However, Tyson's did not have her shade available as well so she opted for the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, Trophy Wife, and bought her foundation at check out and it was going to be delivered to her house for FREE! 

While at Sephora I learned some tips from sis. 

Ok, here's the thing, when it comes to make-up I only know the very basics: primer, foundation, brow, mascara, lips, and sometimes shadow. I'm very simplified when it comes to applying my own makeup. I do not know all this advanced stuff. I am learning and sissy is helping me. 

I'm a bare faced everyday kind of person and only wear makeup on occasions and a full face on a very special occasion. 

If I am wearing makeup it's mostly brow and lip. In this picture above, I wanted to step my game up and wear a full face of makeup, lol. My sis was my inspiration I wanted to show her what I knew and then to learn some more tips from her. 


She always tells me that shes not an expert, but I'm like girl you know more than me, lol. But see sis actually tries the new trends. Me I'm working on it. I mostly watch YouTube videos and that's it. Sis watches the videos and tries them out. Practice makes perfect so I know I'll improve as well, soon. I even have a vanity in my room now so there's no more excuses, lol. 

While we were in Sephora at Tyson's she did give me a few tips and applied some other makeup to my face for some final touches.  Some of the tips she gave me I'll work on applying in the future. We're going to do a sister makeup trip one day where I am getting makeup as well. This day I was just here for moral support.

I swear I felt like a fish out of water discovering land for the first time. I've been to Sephora before, but not like this. Maybe in and out but not like staying and trying on stuff. It was like a mini convention with a ton of makeup buffs and Rihanna's launch of products did not help. There were people everywhere, especially in the Fenty Beauty section. 

It was exciting to watch, however, a bit overwhelming because I did not know where to stand, do, or what some of that stuff did. 


But I will say from what I saw Rihanna's makeup line is really good. And this is coming from a Novice. The foundation blended perfectly with my sisters face and the Pentagon City's Sephora MUA did an amazing job matching my her skin tone. To me Rihanna out did herself with this collection. I'm even planning to get matched or swatched.

I think that's the word, bare with me y'all I'm new here, a transfer student, lol.

After all of the Sephora fun we went to Zara and Forever 21 to shop for an outfit for an event we were attending the next day. We didn't buy anything in Zara because we ended up finding something better and cheaper at Forever 21. I purchased an outfit for the price of a top at Zara. 


My sis purchased a cute shear dress and sequin crop top. I told her to wear the top over the sheer dress for the event. She did and it turned out great. Sis received so many compliments Sunday I was glad she looked beautiful. I mean she always does. 
We attended the Girl Boss Event at the Republic Restoratives Distillery and Craft Cocktail Bar on New York Avenue. I was invited by email and received a discount code from one of the event hosts. The event was $20 but we got half off with a promo code. But of course has fees so we paid about $11 for it. 

Still not bad

When we got there we received a gift bag and sissy shopped a little at this one vendor for some beauty products that you can use with your makeup. It was like this spray that gives you a dewy finished look. After that we found a section outside and turned the rest of the event into a photo-shoot. 

You know I love a good photo-shoot, lol. 
After our little photo-shoot session we left and went to U st for a late brunch at Ted's Bulletin. The food was delicious. I had 3 pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a hash brown and sissy had this crab cake egg Benedict type of meal with French toast. 

I just ate the pancakes and saved my two sides for lunch the next day.

I tell you this was a food weekend for us. But worth it. 

The little things (Message):
All in all, I had a beautiful fun unplanned weekend with my sister. I am so grateful that we have similar interest because we can do a lot together and truly enjoy one another's companyThat's what it is about for me; enjoy life my with loved ones.

Spending time with my sister was amazing, I feel like we've gotten closer and I'm grateful for every moment of it. It's like discovering a new BFF all over again. 

I love it!

Appreciate the time you have with your loved ones because you never know where life may lead. 

Giving up some of your time to spend with a loved one is a small gesture that can have lasting effects. Little moments like these can make for a lifetime of fond memories. Go with the moment and appreciate the little things life has to offer. 

Until Next Time,

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