About Me

My name is Nicole Shaw, but you may call me NicciCatrice, hence, the name of the blog. I gave myself this nickname, lol, but I love it. 
I feel like it expresses who I am and my personality which is fun and outgoing. It's my nickname and middle name put together.   

I am a self professed F.A.B (Fashionista, Actress (or Artist), and Blogger). I'm also a Photographer. I love God, traveling, art, fashion, having fun, laughing, singing, dancing, being expressive, and etc.

This blog is my outlet of expression. 

The world is a such beautiful place and we should enjoy it. I know I am. Life is beautiful as well and it's what we make it, which is why I created this blog. There's so much I can tell you but I'd rather show you. Well I hope you enjoy my blog!
Thank you for visiting!